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Good order

is the foundation of all things.




Peaceful Living

 is an organizing business that transforms cluttered spaces into a more livable system, bridging the gap between functionality and peace.

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I will help you design a plan for your space(s).

I will walk you through how to achieve the
best organization system for your space.

Complimentary phone consultation and walkthrough of your space

(FaceTime Optional). 



Organization is one of the best ways to start fresh in your new home or office. 

I’ll pack, unpack, and organize your items for your new space.



This service is for existing clients who have already undergone an organizing session.
Perfect for those areas of your home that require ongoing maintenance and regular updates!




Virtual Organizing is the same as a standard organizing session, only instead of meeting face-to-face in your home, we work together via phone or video sessions.



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All organizing packages include:

• Free initial consultation and assessment
• Follow up calls/emails regarding your project
• Personalized recommendations for organizing products for your specific project
• Donation removal of up to 1 carload per session and/or scheduling of donation pickup
• 100% client confidentiality + judgment-free environment from start to finish


Shopping Services

• Personalized recommendations for organizing products for your specific project
• Shopping for containers + supplies


Not all clients choose to bring new products into their homes. 

If you choose to makeover your space with jars, bins, and labels I offer shopping at an extra cost.

We’ll discuss your style (acrylic, wood, color, etc), and budget for products.

Alternatively I can put together links for products at different price points that you can purchase on your own.


 Peaceful Living's MISSION

Peaceful Living provides organizational services to help you reclaim control of clutter and find peace in your space.


I have learned that by simplifying and providing function to our day-to-day, our quality of life improves. I enjoy helping others reduce their stress, save them time and get back to being present,


I want to reach people who feel they lack the skills to get and stay organized, those who don't have the time to stay organized, or individuals who don’t like or want to organize on their own.


What people are saying

“I recently moved into a new condo and was overwhelmed with moving, unpacking and organizing while trying to settle into my new place. I had to leave town for work the same week I moved in and while I was gone Stefanie came in and worked her magic. She unpacked moving boxes for me, lined my kitchen cabinets/shelves and organized my kitchen. She organized my utility closet/pantry and put things in their respective spots! She did an amazing job and It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. When I returned home from my work-trip I was able to relax in my new home. I can’t wait to hire Stefanie to organize my guest bedroom!”

-Alyssa M. Overland Park KS


Stefanie Penn

I am Stefanie Penn, founder of Peaceful Living and a professional home organizer. Prior to the global pandemic, I worked as a Variable Operations Assistant for over six years and owned my own catering business. Through both professional experiences, as well as my time in culinary school, I mastered the art of to-do lists, time management, and efficient systems.



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