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Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It is the place to retreat to for peace of mind and relaxation. That is the goal — to create your own personal retreat.​​

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When cleaning up, the closet often gets the overflow. Years of accumulated stuff can overwhelm the items you actually need. With just a few steps, you can quickly find what you want.

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Cooking is more enjoyable when you can easily access everything to make the perfect recipe. I organize kitchens and pantries so you can enjoy cooking, as well as, save money at the grocery store because you know what you have. 

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Home Office

The home office is an ever-changing space. I put systems into place improving your working environment.

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Living and Family Rooms

It is totally normal for things to get just a little out of control. When an item has a designated space, cleanup is fast and simple. I help create functional spaces in line with how you live.​

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Parking. Workshop. Storage. Garages are where all that excess stuff ends up. Storage solutions in your garage allow you to access what you need without cleaning it out first.

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Stefanie's work

Country Style Living Room

Live the peaceful life!

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Questions or Concerns?

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Meet the Expert

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